Utility Site Weed Control

Native Landscapes have been providing weed control services on utility sites including; water treatment facilities, wind farms, wind turbines, solar farms, site access roads, control buildings, parking areas, footpaths and recreational areas for over 20 years.

We can assist utility site companies and managers by providing a “Weed Management Plan” (WMP). Details gathered from electronic data provided by the client along with site survey information is used to produce the WMP which includes; location of the site(s), details of the site(s), site limitations, weed species on site identification, grid map references, site priorities, recommendations and projected costs.

Native Landscapes conform to all current legislation and guidelines relating to the control of weeds in the UK and Europe.

We can provide individually tailored practical solutions for all clients at highly competitive rates. Following the completion of a contract agreement areas identified within the management plan will become the responsibility of Native Landscapes. On site operations will be carried out in accordance with the WMP until the contract is completed. Any necessary adjustments to the original plan will be agreed with the client prior to implementation. Native Landscapes pass responsibility back to the client once the weed control programme is complete. Additional site operations may be required which should be agreed with the client prior to implementation.

Native Landscapes supply all clients with copies of; health and safety policy, environmental policy, professional membership certificates, personal qualifications, public liability insurance (to the value of £5 million pounds) and risk assessments.

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BASIS member

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