Standard Guarantee and Warranties

Native Landscapes provide a standard guarantee and warranty with all our products and services. We are aware of current legislation and guidelines relating to the supply of goods and services in the UK and Europe including; The Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982, The Consumer Rights Act 2015 and The EU Goods and Services Directive 2004.

Native Landscapes can assist property owners and commercial clients, on sites containing Japanese knotweed, by providing a “Japanese knotweed Management Plan” (JKMP). Obtaining a “JKMP” is essential if you wish to sell or develop an infected property. Mortgage companies and other lenders will not usually secure finance against properties where Japanese knotweed is present unless a “JKMP” has been obtained from a qualified contractor.

Native Landscapes are “Certified Surveyors for Japanese knotweed” (CSJK) and guarantee all our work is carried out in accordance with current legislation. Once a survey and assessment has been carried out we produce a report which is sent electronically. Details from the report can be used, along with other information, to produce a “JKMP”. This would then be sent to the client, sales agent, lender and buyer to assist with the sale and purchase of a property.

Each “JKMP” contains a list of available options and recommendations to eradicate Japanese knotweed from site. Native Landscapes are qualified contractors and guarantee all contract work carried out. Upon completion of each contract we can assist with the procurement of an “Insurance Backed Guarantee” (IBG).  Our standard 5 year “IBG” certificate can usually be obtained within 2 weeks following acceptance of the “JKMP”.

Having an “IBG” means that if Native Landscapes were unable to continue as a business your “IBG” would become active. In the unlikely event that this happens an alternative contractor would be instructed by the insurance company to continue the agreed treatment programme as necessary. The “IBG” can be passed from seller to buyer and will assist with the sale, purchase and development of the property. Our standard “IBG” covers a five year period which can be renewed to provide extended site cover if required.

Throughout the course of each weed treatment programme all areas identified within the management plan will become the responsibility of Native Landscapes. Site operations will be carried out in accordance with the plan until the contract is completed. Any necessary adjustments to the original plan will be agreed with the client prior to implementation. Native Landscapes pass responsibility back to the client once the treatment programme is complete. Additional site operations may be carried out by the contractor if required which should also be agreed with the client.

In addition to our standard guarantee / warranties, Native Landscapes supply clients with a copy of our current Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance (to the value of £5 million pounds).

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