Native Landscapes – Environmental Policy

Native Landscapes are committed to the application and development of environmentally sensitive working practices including; sustainable air and water use, minimise energy consumption, resourceful waste management and habitat conservation. Native Landscapes adhere to all laws, regulations and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues in the UK and Europe.

The key points of the strategy to accomplish this commitment are:

  • Minimise environmental impact by assessing operations and ensuring they are carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Actively carry out and promote waste reduction and recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • Supply products which can help minimise the environmental impact of both production, distribution and application.
  • Reduce emissions through the appropriate selection and use of vehicles, machinery, equipment and other powered devices.
  • Meet or exceed all current environmental policy and legislation.
  • Use an effective “Carbon Reduction Program” to minimise and offset the emissions generated by our business activities.

Authorised by:
Paul Sims N.D.H. (Native Landscapes Manager)

17th April 2019

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